Monday Hash

Mondays was often a time in many Yorkshire families for a simple, quick, and filling meal to be made. Monday was often, by tradition, a washing day, when – before washing machines – clothes were boiled and pummelled with a wooden washing ‘dolly’ (see image) in a zinc ‘dolly’ bucket. It was a tough manual job, as the heavy wet clothes would have to be put through a mangle and squeezed of water – no easy feat.

A wooden washing dolly.

So there was no time for elaborate cooking – a hash-up meal, using left-over meat or corned beef, was often the answer.

Mary Hanson Moore recalls her own mother’s version of ‘Monday Hash’. This was typical of many hash dishes, and not just in Yorkshire. You can find similar recipes across the UK and overseas.

Slice peeled potatoes and onions thinly, layer in a large frying pan, season and add a little water. Cover, and cook slowly until almost soft, then place slices of corned beef on top and finish cooking.

If you were lucky, you might get a fried egg on top, too!

Source:  Mary Hanson Moore A Yorkshire Cookbook (1980), published by David & Charles.

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