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Mangold Ale

In 1944 the Dalesman published a recipe for Mangold Ale. The resulting brew is described as ‘potent and stimulating’.

  • Use between 10 – 15 lb Mangold roots for every gallon of water.
  • Clean and chop the roots, taking off the tops and paring away the rind.
  • Boil chopped roots until soft and pulpy.
  • Squeeze the liquor from the pulp and then boil it again with hops – use about six ounces of hops for every nine gallons of liquor produced. Reduce amount of hops pro rata to amount of liquor produced.
  • Add brewer’s yeast in proportion to volume of liquor produced.
  • Ferment until converted to alcohol, and bottle the ale.


Source: Dalesman: ‘A Yorkshire Dalesman’s Diary’, vol. 6, no.6, 1944.

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